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Drop Ship Program

1Display Products on:

Browse our online catalog and pick the products you want to list on your online jewelry store, eBay or Amazon account. You can choose to easily create a product feed, or download the products in an xls/csv file. Images and descriptions are included.

Customer Orders

Once you received an order you can easily place your drop ship order with us via our secured checkout or through our bulk upload feature if you prefer to place multiple orders in one step.

3We Ship Directly to
Your Customer

We will take care of the packaging, handling and shipping. All shipments will have your return address to always ensure we remain unknown to your customers. You also have the option of uploading your own shipping label and invoice to be included with an order.

4You Profit

Receive selling price paid by your customer, pay us the wholesale price, and the difference is your profit to keep!

Drop Ship Features

  • Over 3000+ items available for drop ship and growing
  • Access to product descriptions and images
  • Over 95% fulfilment rate
  • Create your product feeds and integrate on your web store
  • Option to download product feeds to .xls/.csv files
  • Feeds are automatically updated in real time
  • Downloadable eBay, Amazon & Shopify Compatible Feeds
  • No minimum orders for drop ship accounts
  • Free 7 day trial with no obligation
  • Low monthly fee of $29.99 with no long term commitment (limited time introductory offer)
  • Blind drop shipping
  • Instant notification & tracking details when orders ship
  • International drop ship also available

Product Feeds

There are several ways you can access the product feed to integrate the product feeds onto your own website or market place:

  • Amazon Feed
  • Webservice
  • eBay FileExchange
  • .CSV/.XLS/.XML Feed
  • Shopify Feed
  • WooCommerce Feed
  1. Detailed Tutorial

    Please refer to the detailed tutorial to learn more about how to consume these.