What Should You Know about Sterling Silver?

Silver is the most probable for buying jewelry even though there are several options in the market. Wholesale silver jewelry has been in the market since the earliest of times which is quite reasonable compared to other metals.

While so many claims that what they sell is pure, some may claim that they are selling sterling silver. Now, you must wonder who is telling the truth. Let’s discuss some important factors that you should definitely check out while buying sterling silver.

What is Sterling Silver?

It is an alloy of Silver which has 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals such as copper. When you see wholesale silver earrings marked with a 925 mark, it means that it has been certified to have 92.5% silver content.

It is of the highest quality, making it a popular choice among all those who like to collect jewelry as they are not only the most beautiful metals but also are durable, timeless and can go on forever with proper care.

You can wear this jewelry every day since it will only ignore dust buildup and dust that might settle on the jewelry. Some people have used such jewelry for as long as 10 years and even more than that.

Difference Between Sterling Silver and Silver 

There is a huge difference between pure Silver and sterling silver which is in their composition. While pure Silver comprises mainly 99.9% silver, sterling or any other alloy of Silver contains 0.1% copper or nickel to make it an alloy. The main reason behind this is that pure Silver is really soft, which can be difficult to handle for the jeweler’s to give it a shape while making wholesale silver bracelets or anything else.

Therefore, sterling silver is a much more probable choice for a jeweler to use while making jewelry since it can be handled easily and mixing other metals with Silver makes it even stronger.

Rings are the most common jewelry item to be made with this metal which is necessary since it requires a sturdy structure so that it does not leave any marks on your fingers. If you do find marks from your ring, it most probably is a fake item.

How to Know if Sterling Silver is Fake or Not?

While sterling Silver may be made from different metals mixed with Silver, it does not change the authenticity of the Silver, which is what you need to take care of when buying wholesale silver chainsSterling silver is a real alloy of Silver with a more durable structure and beautiful looks.

But there can be some jewelers who may be bluffing as they try to sell you off a fake one in the name of real sterling silver. To know if Silver is fake or real, jeweler’s conduct some tests to find out the difference, which you can actually check at home too. Let’s talk about how you can check Silver’s authenticity at home.

How can you test Silver’s genuineness at home?

While these steps may not be the most trustworthy processes, you can still check if the sterling Silver is genuine or not through different procedures.

  1. Look for a Sterling silver number or mark – there is a number or a mark imprinted on the silver piece with a ‘925’ mark. Look for this mark on whatever jewelry you own if checking for a bar of genuine sterling silver.
  2. Conduct a Weight test – this is the first thing that even jeweler’s do by judging two pieces of jewelry in different hands to see the difference in weight.