Steps To Find The Best Jewelry Dropshippers!

Have you decided to get started with the dropshipping program? That is amazing! But are you aware of the facts to keep in mind while finding one of the best jewelry dropshippers? If not, then here are some of the best points that you must keep in mind. Knowing all these will help you to understand the program and you can earn better and do great business as well.

  1. Do Basic Internet Search

You can always start with the basic internet search as it will help you to find anything and everything. However, you need to work and do a little bit more research to find out the best wholesale jewelry dropshippers in the market.

Wholesalers are not great at online marketing or promotion, so they most certainly will not pop up on the first few pages of your Google search. In case, you can manage and find some, don’t be in a shock to see badly maintained websites.

  1. Supplier Directories

While you might get several results when you search for Drop Ship Program: Drop Ship Jewelry – Richard Cannon Jewelry (, but they might not be the most dependable ones. Even with million results, it might be hard for you to determine which one to trust. Hence, to overcome this situation, you can sign up for the supplier directory. These are paid third-party organizations that actually hold the record of several types of suppliers that includes the products they sell, pricing, as well as location.

Hence, it becomes pretty much amazing and easier as well as faster to go through the directories and get yourself the best option as per your needs.

  1. Contact Manufacturers Directly

Another pretty essential thing to do while finding the best jewelry dropshippers is to contact manufacturers directly. Yes! For say once you are done selecting the product, you can try and find a manufacturer that manufactures the same product, and then you can ask them for the wholesale distributors they ship to.

You’ll be able to find a supplier more reliably than you would if searching online. Contacting a manufacturer may not be easy, though, as manufacturers are seldom responsive.

  1. Avoid Fake Dropshipping Suppliers

If you consider the dropshipping market, then you should know that it is flooded with fake wholesalers. There are sellers who will charge your higher fees and might sell at inflated prices to the public even after claiming to sell at wholesale prices.

In fact, it is difficult to weed out all of these illegitimate wholesalers, there are a few points that will help you to identify them. Remember, reliable sellers will not ask you for more money for doing business with them. It is pretty evident that the wholesalers don’t like to deal in front of the public or open forums. Reliable ones will ask you for submitting documents of your business and proof of your identity which is a plus point.